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Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Visual Vibe for "Dear You No More Apologies"

let's dive into how the visual game for Dear You No More Apologies came to life. Jay Burna and my man Clark from Metier Creative Inc. went back and forth, cooking up this artwork that's as raw and real as the tracks themselves. It was a journey, man, with its twists and turns, reflecting the grind of urban life and the soul of the music.

Jay Burna (Left) Clark (Right)

Shared Vision: From the jump, Jay Burna and Clark shared this vision, repping the urban roots that fueled the album's fire. They wanted the artwork to be more than just eye candy; it had to be a visual slice of the streets, echoing the struggles and triumphs that thread through Burna's tracks.

Creative-Level Dialogue: Imagine these two minds, Burna and Clark, in a constant convo, bouncing ideas back and forth. The dialogue was authentic, and a constant battle trial and era. They knew the art had to vibe with the beats, painting a visual picture of the album and subject matter. which consist of heartbreaks, growth, street life, and trials of a black man in the struggle of self-doubt.

Struggles in the Mix: No cap, it wasn't all smooth sailing. The process brought its own set of struggles - finding that sweet spot between keeping it real and making sure it looked to stand out. jay Burna stressed the importance of bringing this album art to life with impressive features such as Fetty Wap ,daniel Skye ,T.I. , Starr, F$O DInEro & Relly Ski . Jay Burna and Clark were flipping through color palettes, tweaking images, and throwing down symbols that spoke to the heart of Dear You No More Apologies.

Failed Album Cover

Symbolic Art: In the end, the artwork became this collage of symbols and real imagery. Each piece was chosen with love - from his mood to the heart, representing the struggle and the grind that echoes through every beat and lyric. It's not just an album cover; it's a visual manifesto of burna life as man.

From the BS to the Booth: This ain't just about the music; it's about the visuals that ride shotgun with the rhymes. Jay Burna and Clark took this journey from the bS of LIFE to the booth, turning the struggles and the stories into a visual masterpiece that sets the tone for the whole album.

In the Cut: After all the hustle and the grind, what came out was this piece of art that's not just in the cut; it's the cut. The final artwork ain't just about what you see; it's about what you feel. It's the backdrop to Burna's verses, a canvas of the LIFE that birthed the beast.

The Final Cover Art

Conclusion: So, there you have it - the behind-the-scenes of how Jay Burna and Clark crafted the visual vibe for Dear You No More Apologies. It's more than just album art; it's a collage of street dreams and midnight scheming, a visual language that speaks the truth of a man ; graduate of life putting his story on wax.


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