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Jules Keani "617" A Long Distance Love Story

"617," Jules Keani's debut music video, intricately weaves a heartwarming narrative centered around the tale of a young boy and girl who fall deeply in love. The video beautifully unfolds the story of their emotional journey, separation, and ultimate reunion, all set against the backdrop of the area code "617," representing Boston.

Jules Keani's fantastic debut music video "617" came to life thanks to the creative genius of director MadeUHot. This talented director took the reins and skillfully crafted the mesmerizing visual story that perfectly complements the song's deep emotions.

And let's not forget the incredible work behind the scenes – all the magic was brought to you by the talented folks at Metier Creative Inc. (Artwork Ally Van Heid, Logistics Richie EBanks, Casting & Makeup Brooke Raquel) They were the ones who turned the director's vision into a reality, handling everything from choosing the right locations such as Onzyte Studios, and Lauderdale by The Sea in Broward County Florida making sure every scene was just right. Also, the wardrobe was crucial to the storyline seeing as all the actors wore red and green, not to mention Jules Keani's subtle yet star appeal with garments from Tony Visions personally styled by David Woods.

at Onzyte filming on a Red Camera for a Video Production
Jules Keani on Set of 617

The video introduces the two protagonists, portraying their innocent and blossoming affection for one another. Their chemistry is palpable, drawing viewers into the emotional core of the story. As fate would have it, circumstances force them to part ways, with the boy moving to Boston, a city famously represented by the area code "617."

A Hug Filmed in 8k at Lauderdale by the Sea in Florida
The young couple embraces feelings for each other

The video takes the audience on a visual and emotional odyssey, showcasing the urban landscape and the cultural vibrancy of the city serving as metaphors for his personal growth and transformation. Meanwhile, the girl's journey continues elsewhere, marked by a longing for the lost connection and a deep yearning for the day they might reunite.

The emotional crescendo of the video arrives as the boy and girl cross paths once again, their reunion evoking a sense of nostalgia and unfulfilled longing. This poignant moment encapsulates the bittersweet essence of their story, as their paths intertwine once more. The passage of time is gracefully depicted, highlighting the maturity and depth of their bond.

a man with a Rose in Hand on Camera
The young boy now returns as a young man.

The video's resolution is a heartwarming testament to enduring love. The boy and girl, having traversed through life's trials and tribulations, ultimately find solace in each other's company. The narrative comes full circle, as they spend the rest of their lives together, symbolizing the triumph of love over distance and time.

On set of a video studio in miami filming Jules Keani
Jules Keani singing while holding a rose

"617" encapsulates the universal theme of love's resilience and the power of connection, even when circumstances attempt to pull two hearts apart. Jules Keani's song and the accompanying visuals beautifully capture the emotional nuances of this narrative, leaving viewers touched by the profound journey of the boy and girl who, against all odds, managed to reunite and create a lasting, meaningful love story.

Live painting on set for a Photo Studio
Artwork by Ally Van Heid

With MadeUHot's direction and Metier Creative Inc.'s production magic, "617" transformed into a visual masterpiece that beautifully melds with Jules Keani's musical talent. The collaboration between the director, the production company, and the artist herself resulted in a music video that not only captures the heart of the song's story but also adds an extra layer of emotional connection for all of us watching.

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